How to Break Free from Mediocrity

Imagine a world in which our ancestors clung to the safety of their farmlands and never set out to explore the world, just because someone told them not to. Society, as we know it today, would be nonexistent. If these curious individuals can do the unimaginable and sail an endless ocean – you can surely step outside of your comfort zone to reach your goals. Will you run into obstacles? Absolutely. But these hardships are how we continue to learn and grow. Obstacles should never be avoided. They are not your enemy.

The enemy here is fear. It’s jealousy and misery.

Your enemies are those who hold you back from accomplishing what you strive for and becoming who you are meant to be. They do this because they are miserable pricks that will never obtain glory in their own lives.

Your successes are yours.

Your failures are yours.

No one else’s’.

Don’t waste time on the people who are jealous of your accomplishments or belittle your aspirations. “Misery loves company” isn’t just a clever saying. It’s the truth. You have to cut these people out because they will slowly kill you if you don’t. Some of these will be hard to let go, they will be in the form of family and lifelong friends, but it’s absolutely crucial for you to succeed and to obtain victory.

The solution is to ONLY surround yourself with like-minded individuals who lift you up and you do the same for them. People who have your back and will push you in the right direction down the path to success. They are your army and together you will conquer this world.

You were meant for bigger and greater things than to be trapped in the confines of their mediocre cage.

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